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I’m a veteran, a former Lieutenant Colonel in the Army Medical Corp during the Gulf War years, and a practicing physician and surgeon for the past 28 years. My wife, Mary, and I have been married 27 years and we’ve raised two wonderful children.

So after more than a quarter century of devoting my life to others, why would I go through the rigors and the ordeal of public life? Because I want to make a difference in the lives of people – in the lives of all Americans.

I am not a professional politician who climbed the political ladder out of college, sitting on each step until it was my turn to advance. I run for Congress because I care about each of you individually – your ability to make a living, for your health, for your children’s education and yes, your children’s future. I run because I represent your values of competence and integrity.

During the debate on the Bush administration’s so-called Medicare reform bill I quickly understood that it represented the first step towards the privatization of all of Medicare and Social Security by pushing seniors into private HMO plans – the Medicare Part D Disaster.

When that bill passed the House of Representatives with our Congressman’s concurring vote, I decided, then and there, that someone had to stand up to the corrupting influence of big money. It sells our Federal government to the highest bidder and institutionalizes the culture of corruption in a Congress addicted to easy big money.

I run for office to give a voice to our citizens without a voice. I don’t run for personal gain or power. I have that when I walk into the operating room. I don’t run for praise: I’ve had that from the thousands of people that I have individually helped.

I’m a surgeon – I believe in action and I demand competence. I tire of the empty talk and the substitution of illusion for reality. I run to change our country for the better and change the course to extricate our troops from the quagmire in Iraq.

We can do better. We have to do better. I love living here in the North Country and I see so much potential. But you know, we have the lowest per capita income of any Congressional district in UPSTATE, NY. Our per capita income is only eclipsed by the poorest districts in Brooklyn and the Bronx. That doesn’t have to be.

We have to create new jobs. Bring in new industry. Manufacturing that spins off at least two more jobs for every job it directly creates. We need leadership and imagination. For example: Why can’t we have a vaccine facility in northern New York? It’s a perfect fit for Upstate. It combines agriculture – you need lots of eggs – manufacturing and the high tech support of our universities. There’s only one vaccine facility in all the US, we need more – why not here?

It is said the all politics is local but what happens in Washington has such a profound effect upon all of us. The federal election – and your choice for your representative – turns out to be the most local of the “local” elections in which you will vote this November.

Our foreign policy is definitely a local issue. What can be more local than money being diverted from your community to waging a distant war we should not be in – or a village mourning a dead soldier returned from this war. Unlike my opponent, I sincerely believe that the misadventure in Iraq must end very soon. With decorated Marine Corps veteran Congressman Jack Murtha, I believe that we should redeploy our troops to provide stability to the region.

Tell me, what can be more personal than not being able to afford health insurance. I believe that it is the moral imperative of our time that each and every person in the 23rd Congressional district, and yes each and every American has the right to healthcare. There can be no compromise on this moral issue. Members of Congress have the best healthcare insurance in the U.S., but the majority are unwilling to extend the same coverage to you. There will be no finessing this. No disguised tax breaks for those who can already afford it. It is time for action. There will be affordable healthcare for every single American.

It is an urgent economic necessity that we reform our healthcare system today, because it prevents our businesses from being competitive at home and abroad. The legislative Band-Aids do little to broaden access to healthcare. They don’t relieve the burden on local businesses of healthcare costs. National health insurance allows business to lower their costs. The price of the American car you buy could even be reduced by $1,500!

Our property taxes are skyrocketing because of the unfunded mandate of Medicaid. Every person in our district – every American – will be covered with national health insurance and Medicaid will be eliminated. Your property taxes will go down and our local governments will once again be solvent. Yes, I understand the economic imperative of healthcare reform.

I stand for competence and hard work. There is work to be done. We cannot have a government AWOL: Away WithOut LEADERSHIP. I believe that competent government is a necessity and that it can be a positive force in our lives to help the people that it is meant serve. I want a government that is competent to anticipate a Katrina and able to help its victims.

For our own and for our children’s sakes, we must change Washington. What happens in Washington affects us right here on Main Street America. We, the People, must take our Congress back from the special interests, the lobbyists, and big money moguls. It is the fleecing of America by members of Congress habituated to campaign contributions from special interests.

This is our chance to take back the People’s house — a House of Representatives that represents you. If you want change, if you think things can be better, if you want to send a vibrant message to Washington – I ask for your vote and your support. Imagine turning out a fourteen year incumbent for a veteran who wants to change the course in the Middle East and a doctor who dares to call for healthcare for everyone – and who has a vision to achieve it. It will be a model for the entire nation – to choose true representation over political manipulation.

It won’t come easy. I need your help. It requires sacrifice. But we can do it together. You must support your true representative in the voting booth and with your contributions. Money runs politics and political campaigns. It is a rotten system – but until we change it – and we will – we have to work within it. We have a compelling message that everyone needs to hear from a veteran and a doctor who wants to represent you – someone who doesn’t need a job, but who has a calling.

Please browse through the website and consider the issues. I offer solutions, not fear. I have a vision for a better North Country and Central New York. Please join us in our quest to transform our region and our country.